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Watch: At the end of UFC 207 Herb Dean gave Dana White a facial expression that sums up MMA in 2016

If we could sum up the sport of mixed marital arts 365 days that was 2016 it would be Herd Dean’s face. 2016 was the craziest year MMA has ever seen and the mashing of the alphabet to form words simply does not do the period any justice. When words are not to enough, we must turn to longtime MMA official and former King of the Cage fighter Herb Dean’s face for the answers.

In the UFC’s Fight Pass show “The Thrill and the Agony” we catch a glimpse of Dean’s gut reaction to Dana White wrapping the belt around Amanda Nunes’ waist; plus it’s in super slow motion. According to White’s face, his world is crumbling around him in a brimstone sky. Per Dean’s facial reaction, he’s not surprised motherfucker.

2016 was filled with so many mind blowing moments, it’s fitting that the UFC’s final event of the year ended with Herb Dean’s facing summing it all up in the span of three different face looks.

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