Video & Transcript: Corner audio from Cormier and Jones coaches tell the story of how the fight ended

Has real as it gets. The end of the Jon Jones versus Daniel Cormier was straight out of a Hollywood movie script. Sure the bad guy won but he did so in such dramatic, decisive fashion it made the MMA world’s collective mouths drop agape.

Jon Jones hitting on all cylinders is the rawest form of mixed martial arts. You’ve seen Bones doing all type of violent acts to the concussed carcass of Cormier but to take it to another level of real, you need to watch the finish of the fight with the corner audio blasted up.

Watch and listen in as the coaches at American Kickboxing Academy are rendered helpless as their fighter gets stopped. Then watch and listen in as Jon Jones’ coaches enter cruise control mode as their fighter hits his finishing combo with the greatest of ease

Cormier’s corner

Coach: On him, low kick
Coach: Hands up
Coach 2: He’s too slow
Coach 2: Halfway through the round
*Jones hit headkick*
Coach 2: He’s slowing down
Coach 2: Let’s go
Coach: Hands up
Coach: Shit
Coach 2: Get up DC (x2)
Coach 2: Up, up, up, up (x4)
Coach 2: Up DC (x2)
*fight is stopped*
Coach: Son of a bitch
Coach 2: Caught us clean. It was a good clean kick
Coach 2: Can’t say shit about it

Jones’ corner

Coach: Nine
Coach: Stay long, stay long
Coach 2: With (?) those distractions
*Jones hit headkick*
Coach: Oh
Coach 2: He’s hurt, he’s hurt
*fight is stopped*
Coach 2: Yes, yes, yes (x5)
Coach 2: Let’s go
Coach 2: 21 baby, 21

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