Watch: Coach John Kavanagh is the calmest man alive during UFC 229 brawl

John Kavanagh UFC 229

This be our favorite seven second clip from the entire UFC 229 brawl. We’ve watched dozen of videos but Coach John Kavanagh wins it right here.

The world is burning around him and for a couple of seconds John Kavanagh just calmly sits down. Like he’s chilling at home, he spots his favorite sit on his living room couch and just sits down.

Was this Kavnagh’s sitting down for his post-lunch Sunday nap? Or was this seconds after the biggest fight in UFC history went down to the seven levels of hell.

To be that calm as the world crumbles around you, deserves our respect and praise. Props to coach Kav on this brief moment of mental clarity smack down in the middle of a damn near riot at UFC 229.

We said it efore and after his fight with Floyd Mayweather but Conor McGregor, like a lot of fighters, are loyal to a fault. McGregor and Kavanagh have rose through the ranks together, and at this point they have to be as close as brothers.

Should McGregor have brought in actual boxing coaches and trainers before his mega-crossover fight with Floyd? Probably.

Coming off a two year absent from the coach and losing decisively to Khabib at UFC 229, should Mac look outside his MMA inner circle for further teaching? Maybe.

Image if McGregor spent a few weeks at ATT or Jackson-Wink, just to have another set of eyes studying his game. Would that hurt Mac at all? Who knows, our dream is to have Mystic Mac take a trip to the 209 for a few months to add some wrinkles to his game.

For now, let’s watch Coach Kav find a brief moment of inner peace and good sit while all hell broke loose at UFC 229.

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