MMA Rundown

Video: Savage Leaping Superman Elbow Finish in Muay Thai

Ku’n-Lun, the mystical city from Iron Fist, has a Muay Thai promotion.  Any warrior brave enough to hike the Himalayas and find the portal to Ku’n-Lun can battle in their Kumite.  This event three brave warriors from around the globe challenged the guardians of Ku’n-Lun.  They were were all vanquished.

First, Xuesong ducks the brave challengers hook and crushes poor Jose’s face:


Second, the most fantastic flying Superman elbow sends Gladstone Allen into the ether.


Never jump to defend a superman punch…

Finally, the most awful series of leg kicks brutalizes this poor Germany guy.


Sign us up as fans of the mystical warriors of K’un-Lun and their Muay Thai contests.

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