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Video: Rogan and Schaub debate a Lesnar, Bones and Miocic fight then Joey Diaz loses his mind on Stipe

Joey “Fucking” Diaz. As the MMA world mourns or rejoices, depending on your perspective, the departure of Mike Goldberg from the UFC broadcast booth, there truly is only one man who could hold a candle to Goldie; Joseph Diaz The First. In a MMA media landscaped filled with robotic copies of the same bland, emotionless opinions the time is now to burn it to the ground with a flamethrower made in the shape of Diaz’s head.

From Joe Rogan Experience #893 Fight Recap, the conversation lands on a potential Brock Lesnar versus Jon Jones super-fight for the UFC’s annual July mega-event. As Rogan and Brendan Schaub sink their teeth into the Xs and Os of the dream-fight, Diaz interjects with words STIPE MIOCIC!!! Or was it Stiopic?

Or was it that heavyweight who just doesn’t give a fuck.

Diaz drops the mic, brings everyone to tears, when his rant turns into the direction of Stipe Miocic’s immigrant blood. Straight mad flavor in your ear!

“But bro, he was born in Cleveland.”

Check the full JRE show below