MMA Rundown

Video: Justin Scoggins Campaigns for Mayor of Suplex City; Gets Choked Unconscious

The Scoggins Flow was in full effect in Singapore. Until it wasn’t.

This morning while most of Western world was sleeping their little peepers, Justin Scoggins went after Ulka Saski like a Flyweight Brock Lesnar.


Nothing quite gets you blood pumping at 6 in morning quite like someone getting suplexed on their head.

But Scoggins’ bid to rule Suplex City was just not to be. The former Shooto Pacific Rim Champion Sasaki is used to taking out monsters, and recovered from that head injury admirably. A momentary lapse in position was all Sasaki needs to take the back and wrap up a rear naked choke.


Sorry, Justin Scoggins. There can only be one mayor of Suplex City.

Andrew Lawrence is a writer, podcaster, and jack of all trades. As long as that trade involves discussing people getting punched in the mouth. Expert analyst of extremely dumb decision making. Consistently snarky towards his betters. Find him throwing shade at local governments on Twitter (@TheClownKid). Diaz 1,2,5.