A Lesson In Street MMA: A suplex KO means the bathroom is now out of order

suplex KO bathroom

One of the cool things about being human; is the fact that we have innate reactions, if we see a moving vehicle we should know not to run in front of it, we know that we should never drink something that’s boiling hot as it could cause grievous bodily harm and most of us thankfully know that we should never throw another human through the air like a cheap plastic Frisbee.

I’m afraid the perpetrator of this murder must not have these basic human impulses. To be fair; he did make a pretty good comeback, he went from being flattened out on the bottom to ‘instant death KO’ in just a matter of seconds. He could teach some MMA fighters a thing or two.

Just remember, regardless of how badly you hate a person please never resort to tossing them through the air like a crumpled piece of paper, it’s not going to end well for you or your victim.

As forensics analyze the crime scene, we can be certain of one thing; the restroom will be closed for the foreseeable future.


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