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Video: Joe Schilling talks his interaction with Keaton Jones, his mom ‘she just wants money’

Video: Joe Schilling talks his interaction with Keaton Jones, his mom ‘she just wants money’

Is anything really real anymore? Bellator kickboxer Joe Schilling is on the front-lines of one of the strangest stories of 2017.

For roughly one day seven old year Keaton Jones, his mom and the act of bullying was front and center on everyone’s mind. This was a feel good but tragic story of a kid getting bullied at his school. We’ve all been bullied, seen another child be bullied or even done some terribly messed up things to other kids when we were in school.

Keaton Jones’ genuine fear and sadness about being bullied at school helped his video clip, filmed by his mom, go viral. Celebrities from Hollywood, music and the world of sports all rallied around Jones with offers of support and once in a lifetime trips.

Curiously enough someone, somewhere also started a GoFundMe page for Jones. With a lofty goal of $20K, in a few hours Keaton Jones GFM page reached $56,726 before it was paused.

Why was it stopped? Well it’s complicated.

Then less than 24 hours later The Internet happened and here we are.

Is the time to say “this is why we can’t have nice things”? Are we using that right? But really but what the fuck is going on anymore? 2017 will never stop going all in on us.

So here is Joe Schilling explaining his interaction with Keaton Jones’ mom (allegedly) and having his phone number being released to the public.

Part one

Part two

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