Video: All of Rizin announcer Chris Cordeiro’s misinformed, sexist and plain dumb comments

No words. As a MMA play-by-play man it’s one thing to be a lovable sound-bite-robot like Mike Goldberg but it’s another thing entirely to be unprepared or disinterested in MMA announcing like Bill Goldberg; or in this case new Rizin play-by-play guy Chris Cordeiro.

If you stayed up for the entire seven to ten hour broadcast of Rizin’s card over the weekend, you may have caught snippets of Cordeiro’s horrible commentary.

Cordeiro fell asleep at the wheel and filled the entire broadcast with bad MMA takes, blatantly mispronounced names, a ton of sexist comments directed at female fighters and overall a ton of mistakes.

Public service announcement in the general direction of whomever is in charge of Rizin’s English announce team: Anthony Birchak was awesome and you can do better than whatever mouth vomit Cordeiro spewed on Sunday morning. Literally anyone off the streets would have done a better job.

H/T to @MMARising for doing the Fight Lord’s work and documenting some of Cordeiro’s screw-ups.

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