U.S. Government Monitoring Payments from Chechen Dictator to Fabricio Werdum (Also Watch Werdum Get Knocked Out)

Brutal Chechen Dictator Ramzan Kadyrov made his subtle presence known on yet another UFC fight card yesterday. Thankfully this time, his lackey was not allowed to leave the cage unpunished.

Kadyrov fanboy Fabricio Werdum was knocked out in the fourth round of his main event fight at UFC London. His opponent Alexander Volkov, emboldened by the spirit of Justice herself, blasted Werdum with an uppercut that would put a smile on a UN peacekeeper’s face.

All throughout fight week, Fabricio Werdum was seen wearing Akhmat MMA apparel to any non-official pre-fight events. Akhmat MMA is both a fighting team and MMA promotion run by Chechen warlord Ramzan Kadyrov.

Having Akhmat MMA as a sponsor after all the recent news (readily available) about Kadyrov’s murderous reign is an abdication of conscious of the highest degree. At this point, it is nearly an endorsement of Kadyrov’s actions.

The hyper-vigilant UFC had to be aware of Werdum wearing that gear. The UFC has always put a lot of emphasis of knowing exactly what their fighters are doing on fight week. When and where fighters are wearing their own apparel versus mandatory Reebok gear is constantly watched as well as the brands the fighters are associating themselves with outside of Reebok.

I guess it was not a concern for them, that at every non-official fight week event, Fabricio Werdum was a living billboard for genocide.

Tragically for people looking to profit off murders, this might become a much bigger deal than either Werdum or the UFC want it to be. According to Mike Russell from Real Fight Stories, the U.S. Government is looking into how Kadyrov is making these payment to UFC fighters. Currently, it is illegal for the Chechen dictator to make payments into the USA since this past December.

The U.S. Treasury Department froze what Kadyrov assets they could and made all payments by him to the USA illegal, after multiple human rights violation investigated by his government. Particularly, the extrajudicial killings (AKA genocide) of minority groups in Chechnya, specifically the systematical collecting and murder of homosexuals.

If you are unfamiliar with the story of Chechen madman Ramzan Kadyrov, in an article that declared him to be Chechnya’s Putin, The New Yorker detailed the history of Kadyrov’s rise to power and how his iron grip over the region has slowly tightened into the undeniable grip of dictatorship. His use of MMA to legitimatize his rule, and the money he throws at combat sports celebrities has made him the worst character in a sport which attracts the very dregs of humanity.

Pissed off such a murderous piece of shit is allowed to have a voice through MMA? Well, you can thank Ali Abdelaziz for bringing a mass murder into the world’s largest MMA promotion. But hey, isn’t that truly the legacy of Ali Abdelaziz? Empowering some of the worst people in MMA and embodying everything wrong in combat sports? The man has literal done a deal with the devil and now we must deal with his presence in our sport. Ali Abdelaziz would sell his mother if he could turn a profit.

Shame on both Ali Abdelaziz and Fabricio Werdum for failing so miserably as human beings and allowing base greed to override basic human compassion. They are unworthy of the respect of the MMA community.

Published on March 18, 2018 at 4:13 pm
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