Tyson Fury Supports Mike Tyson After Video Of Flight Incident Surfaces

Tyson Fury has backed Mike Tyson following footage of an incident on a flight.

Tyson Fury Mike Tyson
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Tyson Fury backs Mike Tyson after he laid hands on someone who was seemingly harassing him.

TMZ released footage of the incident, which shows a man approaching “Iron” Mike and getting a little too close for comfort. Tyson ended up punching the man several times and left him with some blood on the side of his head. The man was allegedly intoxicated.

Tyson Fury Weighs In On Mike Tyson Incident

Speaking to Piers Morgan, Tyson Fury expressed his belief that Mike Tyson was in the right since he was being provoked.

“Mike Tyson is a real OG. You can’t mess with Mike because you don’t know what he’s going to do. But all the people, all the fun police, they’ll all be on Mike to get him canceled as well. How can you go around prodding a lion with a stick? How long can you prod a guy for before he does something about it?

“Mike is Mike. Mike don’t get the name for the Baddest Man on the Planet for nothing. So he’s not the guy you want to prod with a stick on the back of a plane until you get chinned and that’s exactly what happened to the guy – and then he wants to cry about it! 

“If he’s man enough to prod Mike Tyson and touch him and call him names and abuse him on the plane, then man up and take a punch on the face! So what? You should be paying Mike. Now you can say you’ve been punched in the face by a legend, a world heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson. I’d pay for that myself!”

The man in question, Melvin Townsend, has a criminal history. He has lawyered up with Matt Morgan from Morgan & Morgan.

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