Today’s awkward moment of the day goes to these guys…

Just minutes ago, Dan Henderson tweeted (twatted?) a picture with the words ‘Look who I just ran into in the hotel lobby.’ He forget to accompany the tweet with ‘In just a few days we will be exerting all of our energy in order to punch each other in the face as hard as humanly possible.’ Unfortunately that won’t fit into the 140 character limit of Twitter, so it would have been appropriate for Dan Henderson to include an oddly placed ‘LOL’ or ‘Lulz, WTF?!’ at the end of his tweet. We want high school-level internet slang from our Strikeforce champs. Check out a picture of two guys that will try their hardest to make their opponent’s cerebellum explode at the end of this week in front of an audience of thousands world-wide.

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