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Tito Ortiz seriously explains why he’s a tougher fight for Jon Jones than Daniel Cormier

Tito Ortiz seriously explains why he’s a tougher fight for Jon Jones than Daniel Cormier

Tito Ortiz is an open book. Sure that book is occasionally upside down and written in a different language, but at least Ortiz always says what is on his mind. That big, big, very big beautiful mind.

So Ortiz is really fighting Alberto Del Rio in a couple of months, but until then he is on a promotional tour talking all kinds of topics. The death of Golden Boy MMA? Okay. Working with Donald Trump? Sure why not. Trying to fight until he is 48 years old? Alright then. Closing off all US borders? Ummmm.

Then for some reason Ortiz was asked about The GOAT Jon Jones and gave a very Tito Ortiz style answer.


“I think I would do a lot better against Jon Jones than Daniel Cormier, because Cormier is just a shorter guy, bigger legs, bigger torso. He’s just a big, big guy. Jon Jones is long and lengthy. I’m going to get in the inside and try to overpower some of the positions. But if it would be Jon Jones, I would think I’d have a great chance against.”

Ortiz continued

“Yup, I think I could. If I have a camp like I did the last one of 18 weeks, 100 percent. There really hasn’t been anybody to fight Jon Jones, to get in his face, and stay in his face. Everybody else, they want to strike on the outside with him. He’s too damn long, you cannot do that. You got to get in the inside of him. That’s the way to fight him. As a coach and as a fighter, that’s the way to beat him. Someone to be aggressive enough to keep the fight, pushing him around. Make him feel uncomfortable.”

Very big head, even bigger amount of self confidence AKA the autobiography of Tito Ortiz.

Check out the full Ortiz interview below.

Bonus: This was also said this week….

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