This is what I would have written if Kongo won

This is what I would have written if Kongo won 🙁 Bummer.

Was there ever any doubt a dude with the nickname ‘Unstoppable’ was going to be stopped? Props go to Cain for attempting the impossible, but Kongo is a borderline superhuman. Dude can punch a hole through time and space and not even think about it. Dude trains with theoretical black holes. His gym is astrophysics.

When Kongo walked in to Jimi Hendrix, I knew the fight was already over (anyone thought it was weird they made Velasquez walk in second instead of first?). Kongo is the real deal man. The dude is the French Revolution.  

What’s next for Kongo…maybe create another universe from the ‘big bang‘ of his ground and pound. Before that, Dana White needs to accept the inevitable and give Kongo a title shot. You pretty much have to after what the world just witnessed. Kongo beasting out another victory.

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