This is a call to occupy the THQ messageboards-We need simulation settings in ranked UFC 3 matches

Together we defeated SOPA (let’s pretend ACTA doesn’t exist for the sake of a brief triumph), now we must have simulation settings in UFC 3 ranked matches. Enough is enough, we the people of the Undisputed community want, no, demand that simulation energy settings be integrated into the ranked online matchmaking. We all know UFC 3 is a much improved product, but it’s undeniable that with simulation settings UFC 3 goes from a good MMA game to a great MMA game. Realistic strategies are employed, matches last longer and even go to a decision more often. I can’t say enough about how realistic the simulation stamina settings make the game.

All of the hardcore players are doing it, all of the cool kids play with simulation stamina settings, and if we jumped off a bridge we hope you would too if we thought it was for the greater good (or over a setting in a videogame). Sorry for the motherly/suicidal anecdotes.

There are thousands of signatures in this thread on the official UFC 3 messageboard urging THQ to add simulation settings to ranked matches, which are only featuring standard settings at the moment.

Here are a few choice posts from the petition thread:

  • JoelJitsu: Signed! This needs to happen! Sim Mode is excellent. It really should be the default mode, if you want a realistic sports game. For example you play NBA 2K12 and go to quick match the drfault settings isnt arcade mode where theres no shot clock and the starters do not get tired. Game is great and sim mode makes it even better IMO!
  • Quarasma77: It would  be a huge error on their part if simulation wasn’t an option in ranked online matches.
  • BleedBlue-KY: Just went home for lunch to get in a couple quick ranked matches and there Regular Mode (Arcade) mode just isn’t any where as good as Simulation mode. Regular mode is a lot like UFC 2010 in many ways Simulation Mode is what the sport of MMA is all about and should be UFC Undisputed primary game mode or at least put Simulation mode in ranked….Keep signing
  • VikingNate44: signed…. If this isnt an option I wont be playing ranked at all….Signed
  • SpidaSilvaEmpraFedor: THQ did a great job on this mode. I played a Muay Thai CAF against another Muay Thai CAF in the HW div. in simulation and it was the most amazing 4.5 round war that I could ever concieve. by the end we were both so gassed from the Hendo/Rua-esque paced match that it almost looked like the Mark Hunt vs Ben Rothwell fight; halariously brutal, sluggish and VERY realistic. SIGNED
  • FlamingCurtain: I registered only to sign this petition. Signed
We aren’t going to pretend it doesn’t cost big bucks to patch a game, and we aren’t going to pretend everything is coming up roses at THQ (coming up roses?), but if you want a fool proof way to keep players playing, patch it THQ. Please. We are begging you with default energy settings.
Published on February 22, 2012 at 9:15 pm
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