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This Bellator promo gets us sufficiently pumped for next week

This Bellator promo gets us sufficiently pumped for next week

Born on April 3rd, 2009, Bellator is almost exactly one month older than If and Bellator Fighting Championships were children on a schoolyard playground this gap in their age would be kind of a big deal, and it may even result in a scuffle leaving their pullover Starter jackets torn or jammed at the neck where the zipper is. Do you know how annoying it is to fix a stuck zipper at the neck of a pullover Starter jacket? Especially when you’re wearing it? You look down with a double chin and your mouth half open as you try to unjam the zipper but you can’t get a good view, so you eat your pride and ask your friend to help unjam it for you. The worst possible scenario now is having your friend not be able to unjam your Starter jacket zipper, which will lead to him calling over other websites and fighting promotions to help unjam it and it just becomes way too big of a deal with all of them reaching at your throat. Really embarrassing.

This isn’t a schoolyard and this website and Bellator are not children, but I will tell you this much, if MiddleEasy did wear a Starter jacket it wouldn’t have been a Charlotte Hornets jacket. Everyone had that one. I can’t speak for Bellator, but since they are based out of Chicago we can say they would be wearing a Bulls Starter jacket.

It’s spring time again, and that means Bellator is back for our tournament-loving enjoyment. Here is the season 6 trailer. Enjoy it.


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