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The UFC 2011 Ultimate Fight Collection

The UFC 2011 Ultimate Fight Collection

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Ready to get your fight fix this holiday season? There’s no better way to re-live the past 12 months of action from inside the Octagon than with the Ultimate Fight Collection 2011 Edition DVD Set. Lesnar vs. Velasquez, Silva vs. Belfort, St-Pierre vs. Shields – all the best bouts from throughout the year captured on 20 discs of uninterrupted ultimate fighting at its finest. With 50 hours of fight footage jam-packed into one big DVD box set, you’ll be able to catch up on all the combat that went down with 170 of the best battles ranging from UFC 116 through UFC 131. Plus you’ll get 10 hours of never-before-seen footage including the “Best of Rogan 1-on-1″, “Best of Unguarded” and “Best of Fight School”. That’s a hell of a lot of fighting. Catch up on all the best scraps, title wars, and other epic action from inside the cage with the biggest and boldest UFC box set of the year.

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