The Scorpion King 4 trailer is out, featuring Royce Gracie, Bigfoot Silva and Roy Nelson?

Not too long ago I had this fairly large bump on the back of my knee. It was sore beyond belief and walking was painful. I would walk while keeping my left leg as straight as I possibly could to avoid any discomfort. Fortunately my ObamaCare allows me to see a doctor free of charge, because of this I was able to receive free antibiotics as well. The doctor told me it was a small cyst but I didn’t and still don’t believe her. I’m convinced that there were numerous spiders under my skin. It’s the closest thing to a proven fact that it can be.

I’m just glad it wasn’t scorpions, then I could be in real trouble. Imagine if the Scorpion King was under my skin. He’d be performing rock bottoms and people’s elbow under my skin… wait? The Rock isn’t in this movie? Antonio Silva, Roy Nelson and Royce Gracie are?

Well my point still stands, having scorpions and or spiders under your skin would cause real trouble. Here’s a trailer.

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