The not so unreasonable $25 UFC 137 bet that will put $12,631.70 in your pocket

If money grew on trees, half of what your parents told you when you were in elementary school was a lie. Here’s your chance to have money grow out of a $20 and a $5 bill which could easily be folded to look like a tree…or a kitten. Then you could call your mom and tell her that you’ve developed a method for money to grow on cats, which would probably be the weirdest phone call you’ve ever made. However, chances are if you win $12,631.70 from $25, the last person you would be calling up is your mother.

Now if you happen to be a degenerate gambler and decide to place a parlay on every underdog at UFC 137, you will come away with a cool $12,631.70, just enough to buy a new Hyundai Veloster. Just kidding, you will still be about $6,000 short, but it’s a good start. Check out the betting lines from BetUS.

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