The new DLC for Mass Effect 2 ties into the third installment of the game in some strange way

In a Utopian world, I would have already played the new downloadable content released by Bioware for Mass Effect 2. However, this week I’ve been entirely too preoccupied with — ah, who am I kidding. I’m still trying to follow my wild pursuit of having intercourse with every female squad member on board the Normandy. Unfortunately, I made the foolish decision of siding with Jack in the mid-game argument, and missed my opportunity of hooking up with Miranda Lawson. Yeah, even my digital love life is littered with an immeasurable amount of horrible decisions. It’s cool, at least there’s video of the simulacrum of sex I nearly had with an individual that doesn’t even exist.

Now that the new DLC for Mass Effect 2 has been released, we finally have some segue from Mass Effect 2 (or better known as the game that changed your life) to the upcoming third installment that’s set to release towards the end of this year. In the DLC, Sheppard needs to travel to the ‘end of the galaxy’ to rescue an agent to discover to truth behind something deemed ‘The Arrival’. You can watch the trailer below, or contemplate just where the ‘end of the galaxy’ is — like I will be doing for the rest of the day. [Source]

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