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The Machida/Weidman poster is all kinds of awesome

The Machida/Weidman poster is all kinds of awesome

My main complaint with this poster, besides Weidman and Machida not being represented equally in size (Machida gets close-up, Weidman gets the a bust) is the lack of Machida 2.0’s 5 o’clock shadow and gold chain. I’m not sure what the UFC marketing people are thinking, but the chain and stubble are just as much part of Machida 2.0 as his new abs and diet plan. Still, this is just about as good as it gets – face paint, the playing off of rival countries even though Machida makes his home in wonderful LA…

Maybe I should stop dissecting this poster, as anything under the microscope doesn’t really hold up, but I have 2 more quick things to point out: If you look very closely in the cracks in their facepaint, you can see proof that Stanley Kubrick filmed the moon landing in the 60’s on a soundstage somewhere in London, and when you look at Weidman, it’s obvious that The Shining was about the Federal Reserve’s move to Fiat Money.

See for yourself:

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