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The Lybarger twins think Ronda Rousey needs to face Cyborg before venturing into the 135lb division

The Lybarger twins think Ronda Rousey needs to face Cyborg before venturing into the 135lb division

Finally, we have both Lybarger twins on camera at exactly the same time. There’s no need for your half-baked theories of computer scientists at Adobe using a real-time Photoshop device to make two Lybargers out of one. That’s preposterous. In reality, Jocelyn and Jillian Lybarger’s parents had unprotected sex twenty-six years ago to create two 125lb fighters that are undoubtedly the future of MMA. That’s right, when it comes down to it, DNA has been doing for millions of years what Photoshop has done for just over a decade. There’s obvious copyright infringement there.

If you’re confused as to which one is Jocelyn and Jillian, just remember Jillian has ‘One Love’ tattooed on her chest as a homage to Nas, her favorite rapper. Alright, I have to admit something. That Nas part, I just made it up. I can only hope that someone out there will appreciate the lyrics of Nas to the point where they would get a tattoo of one. In any case, check out this interview LayzieTheSavage snagged at the 2011 MMA Awards in which the Lybarger Twins unanimously agree that Ronda Rousey needs to face Cyborg before calling out Miesha Tate in the 135lb division.

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