The great ESPN MMA Live newsgasm of 2010

For those of you who managed to survive that massive ESPN MMA Live newsgasm explosion that just happened, here is a not so brief recap in the form of a 40 minute video from ESPN. It’s the entire show all within the confines of your $99 Walmart computer monitor. Technology is great, especially when you watch Dan Henderson announce that he will be banging against Jake Shields for the Strikeforce middleweight belt. Derek Bolender talked to Jake Shields an hour prior to Hendo’s announcement and apparently Shields ‘had no idea he was fighting Dan Henderson’. Brock Lesnar’s trainer also threw us an update on Lesnar’s status and it looks like Brock will be fighting this year. It’s all here people, right in that rectangular box you call a video clip. It’s 40 minutes long so make sure you take your Ritalin before you push play. [Source]


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