MMA Rundown

The first poster for Rizin’s July event has leaked and it’s the most Japanese MMA thing ever

There is no better way to spend your 4/20 holiday then to closely examine this new promotional material for Rizin’s next event. Rizin operates in an universe outside the realm of the rest of the MMA world and whatever the UFC is currently doing. When the UFC turns right, Rizin makes a sharp U-turn without tapping their brakes and proceeds to drive into an abyss they were not mapped to go.

As it stands Rizin’s July 30th card has zero fights, zero rumored fights and this awesome poster to its credit. What’s going on in this poster? We don’t care but it likely means that Rizin’s summer super show will be filled with epic walkouts, grand prix fights, soccer kicks, stomps and other vintage Japanese MMA shenanigans.

This poster is good and JMMA art is still one of the best things about our sport.