The EA MMA Live Broadcast goes down tonight!

After weeks of anticipation, hurt feelings and and drama only gamers could fathom, it’s finally time. We are just a few hours from the EA MMA/MiddleEasy Live Broadcast to rule them all. We have worked tirelessly over the last month to bring you 2 live shows on the Xbox 360 and the PS3 respectively, so in one final act of promotion, let me remind everyone why you must tune in right here to watch this digital MMA extravaganza.

Stephen Quadros will offer never before seen insight into the Strikeforce HWGP, specifically the matches we will be recreating tonight in an attempt to figure who the heck is going to win this weekend. Those matches are:

Sunday Night Fight regular Frank taking on EA MMA forum member Mr NRG in a recreation of this weekends Josh Barnett/Brett Rogers bout. Frank reps Josh and Mr NRG is The Grim. It’s a close fight skill wise, will Frank stand up with Rogers? Probably.

The main event of the first card will be myself vs Gary Laplante. This is the culmination of a lot of pent up anger right here. If you follow me on Twitter, you know Gary and I don’t get along. Gary is a fool. There is a reason why his gamertag is ‘McTardy’. No doubt he is better than me in the game, but his hate of laying n praying will play into my hands and I will sub him eventually. I’ve never been so pumped to digitally hurt someone in my life. I’ve been through a training camp, I’m eating right, my BJJ feels good, I haven’t had sex in 3 months. it’s whatever, I’m ready. I mean come on, I’m going against this:

It’s going to be a bloodbath.

Every so often I will complain about losing an Xbox Live EA MMA match to Josh Barnett last October. Why? Because it was a fluke and it would never, ever happen again…I was toying with him and he caught me. During the break between cards you will be able to watch that once thought lost match. Then you can view an exclusive Barnett interview giving his insight on the HWGP.

The second card Kicks off with SNF regular Brotha Lynch57 taking on Liquidxswords, who some of you in the comment sections may know lovingly as “Jonesy“. These guys are recreating the Werdum/Overeem bout. Jonesy is Werdum and Brotha Lynch is Overeem. Jonesy loves his subs, and he loves alcohol, dude has come out and said drinking makes him fight better. In my opinion his EA MMA habit has gotten in the way of his Drinking habit…Jonesy has called a triangle finish to end Overeem, will that be how this Saturday’s fight will end? On the other side of the coin Brotha Lynch wants to keep it standing and has come out and said if he loses this match he is going to retire. Statements all over the place in that matchup.

Now onto the main event: Tha Premiere vs RushstPierre. A lot of people were pretty upset over Rush’s comments a few days ago on the EA MMA forums, in fact Jonesy went so far to go on the behalf of the Sunday Night fights fighter union (we have one, we are very forward thinking. No girls allowed though).

This fight has been hyped up a lot mainly because of Rush’s douchery. Hate the guy as much as you want, but he’s done what he said he was gonna do and has a lot of people watching this card…mainly to see him get the [expletive] knocked outta him.  Pretty much everyone is backing Premiere, this is some serious Vampire/Hylden [expletive]. I’ve fought both of these guys and I can tell you despite his [expletive] personality Rush is good…but Premiere is better in every regard. I’ve done fight cards with Rush to help him prepare for Premiere a while back and I saw nothing from him that convinces me he can win this fight. Premiere via (T)KO in the first round, and hopefully people will remember who the real champ is and MiddleEasy won’t have to suffer being represented by Rush.  War Premiere.

The EA MMA community is at a complete divide between who they want to win this fight for the MiddleEasy title. On one hand you have Tha Premiere who has been collecting heads around the nation in a multitude of games for years, doing that has not earned him a ton of friends. Not to mention he left EA MMA for months to hit the top of the leaderboards in Fight Night Champion (top 20). That Ruffled some feathers. Rush is so polarizing however, that only some of the top EA MMA fighters will train with him. The guy has the skills to beat a Premiere who has been on a long layoff, but Tha Premiere is the Jordan of the league, will he come back from the other sport and falter in number 45 or will he win 72 games in his typical fashion?

Tonight we find out.

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Published on June 15, 2011 at 8:45 pm
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