Tekken 6 using MMA to make it look cooler than what it really is

If you’re reading this, then you’re abundantly aware that I could beat you at any Tekken game. I hate stating the obvious but sometimes the obvious hates being stated (whatever that’s supposed to mean). Over the weekend, Josh Barnett wanted to let us know what he’s been doing since he made me drop $800 on airfare costs for Affliction: Trilogy. We still love the dude, he’s still ranked as one of the top heavyweights in the world…but dude made me drop 800 one dollar bills that could have been appropriately used at ‘The Gentlemen’s Club’. If a place is called ‘The Gentleman’s Club’, it really means that you’re going to be searched at the door and charged $15 for a Bud Light. 

Josh Barnett twittered (twatted?) to all of his 1,914 followers that he appears in the new Tekken 6 trailer. Since I was up all morning watching Alistair Overeem make heads explode at K-1 this weekend, I checked out the video and…wow. I think Namco broke the wheels on the MMA bandwagon when they jumped on it. Check out the video for yourself and I apologize for the ad. The internet died when they started putting commercials in video clips. 


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