Video: MMA Legend Tank Abbott Gets Liver And Kidney Transplant, Looking To Fight Again

Tank Abbott
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Tank Abbott Talks Road To Recovery After Two Transplant Surgeries

Tank Abbott is nothing short of a legendary figure in MMA, having competed since basically the beginning. However he is looking to get back to fighting, following some medical procedures.

Abbott is one of the longest standing figures in MMA. He made his debut at UFC 6, winning by knockout in just 18 seconds. As a result, he quickly became a popular name in the sport’s early days.

Unfortunately, Abbott would never be able to fully capitalize on this, as he could not quite win any of the important fights. Losing to the likes of Don Frye, and Vitor Belfort, he would stop fighting for the UFC in 2003, after going on a four fight losing streak. Tank Abbott would continue fighting, but his last fight would be 2013 TKO loss to Ruben Villareal, leaving his MMA record at 10-15.

However six and a half years after his last MMA fight, Tank Abbott wants to make a return to action. In a recent video, he explained that he recently had both a kidney and liver transplant. Moreover, he did discuss the “long road to recovery.” However he also said that he is looking to fight again.

“i’m going to get back to where i’m at almost 100 percent. i love to fight, i mean that’s what makes me live. So god knows what, I sparred in the gym a little bit. i wouldn’t mind stepping out with the new guys.”

Abbott goes on to explain how this ordeal changed his outlook on life, and that he feels lucky. Additionally he thanked people who are organ donors. He says that they are the one who give people like him second chances.

Do you want to see Tank Abbott fight again?

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