Watch: Tank Abbott just had a liver transplant & he already wants to fight again

Tank Abbott is the street fighting GOAT for this. I mean are we sure Ken Shamrock or Dada 5000 aren’t doing at the moment?

Also we just learned the best way to cut a bunch of weight, really fast is to get a whole new liver. Not only did Tank Abbott lose over 100 pounds in the past few months, he almost died on the operating table. Since this is a Tank story, the UFC legend says doctor told him he died five times on the table during surgery.

Five times? Is Tank part cat?

Tank’s chin was already legendary and now his heart is refusing to stay down.

To top it all off, Tank also suffered multiple strokes due to his liver surgery and recovery.

With all that being said; new liver, dying five times and a couple strokes under his belt, Tank still wants to return to the cage to fight again. LOL.

We laugh purely out of fear and respect for the balls on Tank “Freaking” Abbott. We also chuckle because you know the state of California or some other money hungry athletic commission would grant Tank a license to fight. I mean Chuck Liddell just fought and didn’t hit any speed bumps, so why not Tank Abbott and his new liver get one last farewell tour?

This is MMA. In MMA the idea of a 53-year-old Tank getting another fight fresh off a liver transplant isn’t that far fetched. I mean this could really happen.

Fight or no fight in his future, we’re happy the world still has Tank for interviews like this one below.

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