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Take this X-Guard and sit on it…literally

Take this X-Guard and sit on it…literally

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This is sort of a sister piece to the post we ran last week about the passing the DLR guard.  Yeah, I often chide these modern guard and sweep games for being new-fangled and and highfalutin.  We joke here.  But, the truth is not learning the newer BJJ techniques is like insisting on using your Commodore 64 in 2011.  It’s like continuing to rock your Sony Discman at the gym or walking around with a Motorola StarTac like it’s still the sh*t.

BJJ is evolving so quickly, we all have to evolve with it or we’ll become obsolete. The x-guard is widely used these days and pretty common among those who attack from butterfly guard.  We’ve said this many a time here – whether you use it or not, it’s essential to know it (and any other commonly employed technique) and be able to defend against it.

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