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Take a peek at the UK MMA scene with this fresh new mini documentary

Take a peek at the UK MMA scene with this fresh new mini documentary


There’s a show on MTV right now hosted by Rob Dyrdek called, ‘Ridiculousness’. The premise behind the show is that Rob picks two ‘random’ words to throw together and slap into a Bing search on the net in hopes of finding some absolutely ridiculous videos to share and commentate on for the viewers pleasure.  It’s fairly entertaining because for some reason we as humans can’t get enough of watching other people do really dumb things and injuring themselves in the process.

I’m sure if you guys try, you too can think of some creative word combinations to throw together in hopes of finding some pleasing video entertainment. It’s going to be difficult to avoid using your typical search term ‘amateur’ but live outside the box today ladies and gents, you never know what you will stumble upon. I typed ‘British banger’ into my google search box this morning and got a plethora of sausage images. Quite a surprise at 7am but if you ask me it’s never too early for a little sausage gazing.

Let’s change that imagery up a bit and think about a different kind of British banger with this fresh new MMA mini documentary from filmmaker Demetrio Marquez and Aundre Jacobs that gives us an inside lok at training with British fighters Jack ‘Hammer’ Marshman, Cory Trait, and Jimmi Manuwa. Thanks to Aundre Jacobs @mmaukblog for sharing it with us.


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