Tai Chi Master Loses Fight To MMA Fighter Xu Xiaodong In 10 Seconds, Blames The Floor (VIDEO)

Xu Xiaodong, a Chinese MMA fighter known for ousting so-called martial arts masters, beat a self proclaimed Tai Chi master in ten seconds

Xu Xiaodong
Images via YouTube - 徐晓冬北京格斗狂人

Chinese MMA fighter Xu Xiaodong has been back at his martial arts shaming ways again. This time he needed just ten seconds to dispose of a supposed master of Tai Chi.

Xiaodong has made his name on the idea of disproving the effectiveness of traditional martial arts. He has gotten quite the notoriety in China for these efforts, leading to him being banned from Chinese social media. This is due to the fact that they hold these masters in high regards, but he regularly beats them in a quick and frankly embarrassing way.

Xu Xiaodong Crushes Another Tai Chi Master

After a buildup of two years, Xu Xiaodong finally faced off against self proclaimed Tai Chi master Chen Yong in an MMA fight. Yong claims that his form of the art is different than others, and is designed to be effective, even against more accepted forms of hand-to-hand combat. The video of the fight, which was uploaded to YouTube, has amassed nearly a million views in two weeks, despite the actual fight ending in just ten seconds after a leg kick, followed by a jab ends the bout.

The Excuses of Chen Yong

Looking at the fight, it is pretty clear that Chen Yong had no answers for Xu Xiaodong. However, according to him, things are not that simple. Speaking in a translated interview, the so-called Tai Chi master had a litany of excuses for his performance, ranging from the sun being in his eyes, to the floor of the cage being too soft.

“When I arrived, it was rushed,” Chen said. “Why? Because it started two hours early. I had no time to warm up! And I hadn’t been in the location for a year. It was too foreign for me. I quickly put on my clothes and got into the cage. The moment that I stepped foot into the cage, I realized the ground was so soft. I’ve been practicing for a year on hard surfaces. Soft surfaces inhibit Tai Chi. The power and force that comes from Tai Chi can’t be found on soft surfaces.

“The ref put me facing the sun and he put Xu Xiaodong’s back against the sun,” Chen continued. “I had the sun in my eyes but I wast completely aware of that at first. When the match started, that’s when the sun became very apparent. At first there was shade to block the sun a little, but then the shade was not there. When Xu Xiaodong hit me, I was just finding my groove, and then I was blinded by the sun. So I lost by a fluke and I also couldn’t find any force from the surface of the cage.”

Now nobody is here to call anyone a liar, but from the perspective of the video, it sure seems that it was the punch from Xu Xiaodong that blinded Chen more than the sun. If he still wants to practice his Tai Chi, that is his right and it is completely understandable. However there seems to be an overwhelming amount of evidence that these martial arts are little more than nonsense.

Published on December 7, 2020 at 2:55 pm
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