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Strikeforce gets some imposter to play Ubereem in new promo video

I get a lot of ‘Dude, you spelled it wrong…it’s Overeem‘ emails. Look, I don’t know who Alistair Overeem is. I think he used to fight in Pride but I’m not sure. All I know is this guy that recently showed up in the MMA world is named ‘Ubereem’. He has deltoids the size of revolutionary wars and since this Ubereem guy showed up, he’s been undefeated in MMA. The only hint of a loss was in last years K-1 Grand Prix where Badr Hari caught him with a strike only a guy named Badr Hari can execute. He stumbled a little bit and landed against the ropes. They ruled it as a second knockdown and he was officially out of the tournament. In MMA rules however, the result from that bout would have been drastically different. In the new Strikeforce promo of their May 15th bout, check out the guy that sort of looks like Ubereem, except about three shirt sizes smaller. [Source]

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