Step 1: Watch Gabi Garcia training for Worlds. Step 2: Realize she would dstry you with ease

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I’m going on record as saying I personally do not fear Allianc’es Gabi Garcia, but I advise you to be afraid and be very afraid. Maybe you’re sitting there with your protein shake in one hand and your kettlebell in the other. Perhaps your sporting your newly minted purple belt and you’re fresh with some fancy De la Riva guard-play. You might think you could take her. But, no way, grappler.

Gabi is amazing and DSTRYR/SG has tons of respect and admiration for her and what she’s doing in BJJ. Yes, she’s a unique specimen – almost perfectly designed for BJJ at 6’2″ and 236 lbs (based on last years figures). And, yes, that’s given her a great advantage over most or all of the competitions she’s faced. But, the woman is maximizing all of her potential toward BJJ dominance (she’s a 2X Mundial champ) and there’s just pure awesome in that. Since last year, she’s become gnarly shredded and looks to be in super shape, making her even more dangerous (she looks great too).

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