So who made this seemingly inaccurate breakdown chart of Overeem vs. Lesnar?

Earlier this morning someone sent me this graphical breakdown of Brock Lesnar vs. Alistair Overeem, and while I toyed with a plate of leftover lasagna on my office desk from last night, I casually began to analyze the chart. The ‘tale of the tape’ seems to be rather accurate, but everything after that seems to get somewhat sloppy, very quickly. I’m not sure if the person that sent this chart was attempting to troll my easily impressionable mind, but if that was the intent, it absolutely worked. Who made this mysterious relic of MMA? Was it just lying dormant on the internet since the beginning of time and today it resurfaced due to some celestial circumstance? You decide, MiddleEasyer. Look at that, I just invented a word.

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