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So, Polish Knight MMA is a thing

So, Polish Knight MMA is a thing

I have a friend who is as Polish as you humanly get. He worships Mariusz Pudzianowski, sounds as if he just left some team Poland soccer match and install screen doors on submarines. That’s about it, I guess that’s me buying into cliché stereotypes, alas, I stand by my statement that he’s extremely polish.

I remember when Tomasz Adamek was getting ready to fight Vitali Klitschko, he was so excited and kept saying how Adamek was going to win for his homeland. I didn’t have the heart to tell him what was going to happen. It goes without saying he was disappointed with the outcome of that fight.

I do think that if Tomasz Adamek and Pudzilla formed a team of sorts in polish knight MMA. They would be an unstoppable beast. Pudz would be wielding a sword that would make Cloud Strife blush, while Adamek would put pressure on and suffocate his opponents and slowly opening up with strikes. This is what MMA needs more of, more knights and possibly more swords.

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