Shane Carwin says his punching power comes from his ghetto booty

If I were Shane Carwin, I would fantasize about punching everything. Walking down the street I would fantasize about punching the tops off light posts, I would imagine cold cocking unsuspecting bike riders and geese. I hate geese.

Going to the farmer’s market would be near impossible with all of the ripe fruit and vegetables ready to be liquified by my knuckles. My Shane Carwin knuckles. All I would do is size up the world under my formidable fists…If I were Shane Carwin.

But I am not Shane Carwin. So I will have to just go about my day fantasizing about being Shane Carwin fantasizing about punching geese and crushing fruit at a farmer’s market with the power of the punches that comes from my ghetto booty.

For the record: in my Shane Carwin vision I pay for all of the smashed fruit because I’m a really nice guy.


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