Sean O’Malley Takes Over For Dana White In Latest Episode Of F–k It Friday

Sean O'Malley steps in for Dana White to try an interesting Russian dish for his series called F--K It Friday.

Dana White on Instagram

Sean O’Malley is stepping into Dana White’s shoes but it’s not to run the UFC.

UFC president Dana White is a busy man. He oversees the UFC and most of its operations. He is at almost every UFC event, does media, and has a hand in matchmaking. For a man as busy as he is, White still has time for some fun. Recently on his social media, White has been running a little video series he calls “F–K It Friday.” In these 2 minutes shows, White tries different, unusual foods. 

Dana White is becoming a “strange food connoisseur” every Friday

On Fridays White takes a trip to the UFC headquarters kitchen and has the staff cook him up an off-the-wall type of food. His past culinary adventure includes Blackberry Ricotta Pizza, Spam Wellington, a Churro Hot Dog, and more. White has mentioned wanting to turn his food endeavor into a full series on a food network. He has mentioned he has a passion for food and enjoys tasting unexpected food combinations. 

This week White invited a special guest to stand in for him, UFC bantamweight Sean O’Malley.


Sean O’Malley gets the F–k It Friday treatment

O’Malley was not lucky enough to get one of the many sweet treats White has tried, instead, he was served a Russian dish called “Herring Under Fur Coat.”

The dish consisted of cooked shredded potatoes, chopped pickled herrings, cooked shredded carrots, and roasted beets, a layer of beets mixed with mayonnaise and topped with chopped egg. O’Malley played along and tasted the dish although he didn’t seem to like it all that much.

“Not too sure what to expect. I’m actually a little nervous here. I don’t really know what kind of texture it’s gonna have. I’ll try to get a little bit of everything,” O’Malley said. “Tastes like something Russian I wouldn’t choose it over a cheeseburger, I’ll say that much.
Don’t even really want to swallow it for being honest.”

O’Malley was a good sport during the tasting. He is one of the biggest stars on the UFC roster and being able to take part in fun media adventures like this just adds to his likability. Perhaps if White needs some help in other aspects of his job, O’Malley can be the man to step in. 

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