Sean O’Malley Re-Signs With The UFC, Wants To Make “$1 Million A Fight” Ahead

'Sugar' Sean revealed that he penned a new deal with the UFC ahead of his fight against Pedro Munhoz

Sean O'Malley
Credit: ESPN MMA (via YouTube)

Sean O’Malley is scheduled to take on Pedro Munhoz on July 2.

O’Malley will return to action against Munhoz at the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, at UFC 275. Munhoz will be the first ranked contender he’ll face in the UFC since joining in March 2018. As one of the more recognizable faces in the industry, the lack of competition might come as a surprise.

Amidst calls for increased pay, it seems like O’Malley understands the business side of things better than most.

Sean O’Malley re-signs with the UFC

Fellow fighters have asked for the UFC to give them the same ‘Sean O’Malley treatment‘. What began as a taunt now holds some weight even if it may be a veiled dig at the man. The 27-year-old Montana native’s business acumen has proved beneficial to his rise in the sport.

In a recent appearance on DC & RC show for ESPN MMA, ‘Sugar’ Sean revealed that he recently signed a new deal with the promotion.

“I actually recently sat down with the UFC, re-signed with them, and had a great conversation with Sean Shelby. I go in there and say, ‘hey, I want to make this amount of money. How do I do that? What do I need to do, as a business partner to the UFC to end up making the amount of money I want to make.'”

O’Malley wants to make $1,000,000 a fight

During the same interview, ‘Sugar’ Sean spoke about his ambitions to make a million dollars per fight. While he doesn’t expect to get that kind of money as of now, he will work his way towards that goal.

“For me, I want to get to a point where I’m making a million dollars a fight. Obviously, I’m not there right now, and that’s not what I’m expecting to make against Pedro.”

Contrary to what we generally hear from other athletes, O’Malley sees himself as a business partner in the promotion and focuses on doing his part in increasing the bottom line.

“But that’s where my mind’s at, I want to go in there and say, ‘hey, what do I have to do outside the UFC. Obviously, I’m doing what I need to do inside the UFC. I’m putting people’s lights out and I’m bringing eyeballs to the sport. What can I do outside the UFC to make more money?’

O’Malley acknowledged that he hasn’t fought high-level competition but insists his approach is working for him.

“I haven’t fought, I haven’t beat a guy in the top ten, I haven’t even beat a guy in the top 15 and I’m balling out so whatever I’m doing is working.”

O’Malley’s approach to the game may be unorthodox but it’s clearly reaping its rewards for the young bantamweight. More upcoming fighters are likely to benefit from working on the business side of the sport, much like O’Malley.

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