Iranian Hulk Viciously TKO’d By Kazakh Titan In Circus-Like Boxing Match In Dubai

The Iranian Hulk got whooped on his boxing debut in Dubai.

Iranian Hulk Get Beaten By Kazakh Titan
Iranian Hulk Get Beaten By Kazakh Titan - Image via @Dizofighting Youtube
  • Iranian Hulk lost via TKO in his boxing debut in Dubai against Kazakh Titan
  • The fight only lasted less than one round

A bizarre boxing match somehow entertained the fans in attendance at the P7 Arena in the Media One Hotel, Dubai as Sajad Gharibi a.k.a. “The Iranian Hulk” got savagely mauled by Djumanov Almat Bakhytovich, better known as “The Kazakh Titan.”

Iranian Hulk was originally slated to take on famous bodybuilder Martyn Ford but their April 30 bout was scrapped after Ford decided to pull out. The social media star was then booked to face Kazakh Titan, a match Iranian Hulk should’ve never considered.

Literally wild fight

Both fighters came in with zero amateur and pro combat sports experience and they definitely proved it inside the ring. Right after the opening bell rang, Iranian Hulk and Kazakh Titan quickly engaged in a wild back and forth, throwing a slew of haymakers and uncalculated punches.

As expected, the pair was also tripping and falling off by themselves due to poor footwork. Nevertheless, the crowd was still electrified by what they were witnessing.

And the winner is…

Despite the terrible performance, it appeared that Kazakh Titan was the better man inside the ring that night, having landed several punches that rocked Iranian Hulk. Just before the opening round ended, Iranian Hulk was evidently gassed out already. Kazakh Titan, meanwhile, could still swing and eventually landed a hard right hook that floored his opponent. The referee in charge decided that he had seen enough and called the fight off.

Kazakh Titan was then declared winner via TKO.

Watch the full highlights below:

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