Rumble Johnson looks like a monster of a man compared to Gustafsson

While Thanksgiving is still a few days away, that apparently isn’t stopping Anthony “Rumble” Johnson from taking that tradition of ‘piling it on’ to Sweden. In a media appearance today, Rumble’s opponent, Alexander Gustafsson, posted this picture onto his Facebook Timeline saying “This guy is huge,” and he’s right. Rumble looks like he’s ate some bad shellfish, or got stung by a bee, and needs an epi-pen ASAP. The Swedish are known for breeding huge Viking men that probably ate reindeer along with meatballs covered in Lingonberry jam, but here in America we can’t be outdone like that. Ever since Joey Chestnut ousted Kobayashi in the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, Americans are the world’s best eaters; and here, Rumble shows that he’s continuing that tradition.
While it’s no secret that Rumble has struggled to make weight in the past, it’s still shocking (looking at that picture) that he made 170 even once. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Rumble makes a little money on the side acting as a stunt double for Anthony Anderson–assuming Anthony Anderson can even be cast as a character that would require such a thing. But Lord have mercy on Rumble for this weight-cut. But if Rumble somehow misses weight (again) and gets cut from the UFC (again) for it, you can expect to see me in NYC on the 4th of July to see Rumble’s next title fight against Joey Chestnut.

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