Rumble Johnson just kicked Charlie Brenneman in the face really hard

Bravo free UFC card. Bravo. If you’ve been tuned in to Versus, you just saw an absolutely ridiculous amount of Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard promos and Anthony “Rumble” Johnson completely overwhelming Charlie Brenneman until he kicked him in the head awesomely. The match opened with Joe Rogan’s voice ringing in my ears reminding me about how well Frankie recovered as Charlie shoots in, Rumble sprawls beautifully and uses his massive frame to control Charlie on the ground. Rumble lands some stiff ground n pound and Charlie decides it’s time to stop eating punches and start scrambling. They make their way to their feet but Brenneman is dazed, leaving himself wide open to a brutal kick to the face, dropping him to his keister and the ref waves it off.

Brenneman argues the stoppage but after getting kicked in the face like that, you just gotta take out your mouthpiece, put your hands on your hips and scowl. Good game. Cut to the Frankie/Gray promo.

Thanks as always to the incredible Zombie Prophet for the gifs.

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