UFC On ESPN+ 7 Results: Roxanne Modafferi Defeats Antonina Shevchenko Via Split Decision!(Highlights)

Roxanne Modafferi Vs Antonina Shevchenko
Roxanne Modafferi Vs Antonina Shevchenko

Excellent Match Between Antonina Shevchenko And Roxanne Modafferi, Split Decision Win For “The Happy Warrior”!

UFC is returning to business now (Saturday, April 20, 2019) with its UFC on ESPN+ 7 MMA event from inside Yubileyny Sports Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Welcome to the Flyweight bout between the former FFF champ Roxanne “The Happy Warrior” Modafferi and dangerous undefeated striker Antonina “Pantera” Shevchenko.

Marc Goddard is our referee. The battle kicks off!

Round 1

Antonina is taller, she circles around. Low kick attempt Antonina. Shevchenko holds a high guard. Left straight missed by Antonina. Modafferi goes forward eating punches, good exchange on both sides. Front kick Antonina.

Modafferi chases her around the Octagon. Wow, great punch combo by Antonina. Left-right hook Modafferi, Shevchenko counters. Low kick Antonina. Good jab by Antonina.

Wow, a big right punch landed by Roxanne!!!

Roxanne keeps going forward, Shevchenko keeps circling around, good low kick. And amazing left body kick by Antonina, she keeps the distance well. 1-2 combo Antonina, followed by a left high kick, blocked. Wow, big right hand by Roxanne, but Antonina keeps going backward and escapes. Roxanne tries to take her down but eats a big left high kick.

Both fighters clinched up, Shevchenko is pressed against the fence. Antonina has some Muay Thai experience, this is not strange for her.

Shevchenko is pressed against the cage, Roxanne grabbed her left leg. Antonina defends Kimura attempt, and now she gets up, but Roxanne persistently tries to take her down. Roxanne has a good under-hook but Antonina gets up, this woman is a real warrior!

World-class Body lock takedown Modafferi, she ends up in the full mount, this is a huge problem for Antonina!

Roxanne lands a few big elbows, but Antonina hugs her. The end of the round, I think 10-9 Antonina.

Modafferi’s corner orders more activity and takedown attempts, and to move to the side. Oh, it seems Antonina has a huge cut under her left eye!!! Shevchenko is ordered to keep the distance.

Round 2

Wow, a sidekick attempt to the head, an amazing move by Shevchenko. 1-2 combo, an amazing exchange. Modafferi attacked, countered by spinning left hook, just missed by Antonina Shevchenko! Roxanne goes forward and attacks with punches, but a big left-hand stops her. Modafferi presses her rival against the cage, she ate few big punches.

Modafferi delivers a knee to the thigh, Roxanne tries to take her down, her hands are under Antonina’s, this is a great position. Antonina is taken down, Roxanne Modafferi ended up in the half guard. She lands a few big left fists.

Left hook Roxanne. It seems Antonina trapped her leg. Modafferi escaped, Antonina goes for the up-kicks but misses. Shevchenko defends well, she could attempt a triangle choke. Big hands Shevchenko.

Modafferi is in the side control. It looks like Roxanne is attacking Antonina’s left arm but now she delivers few big punches off the top. Antonina trapped her left leg, but Roxanne lands big shots off the top. Great punches to the mid-section Modafferi. The round is over, 10-9 Modafferi.

Modafferi is ordered to maintain the same fight strategy. Antonina’s cut is nasty!

Round 3

Antonina has to go for all or nothing. Great punch and low kick Antonina. Oh it seems Modafferi grabbed her leg, she escapes. Wow, what an exchange, Antonina wrecks her apart. Big oblique kick and punch combo, it was at least 3-4 good punches.

Roxanne grabbed her leg and took her down.

Modafferi is on her back, Antonina turtles and protects neck, but good elbow lands by Roxanne. Wow, now Antonina rotates to the full guard and lands big punches from the top. Modafferi defends well, she might attempt an armbar.

An amazing sweep by Modafferi, who ends up on the top.

Roxanne lands big right hands, Antonina tries to hug her. Roxanne is in the full mount, delivers elbows and hooks, this is painful.

Shevchenko is getting punished, but this is a world-class sweep by Antonina, now she is on the top!!!

The two fighters stood up. Fighters are in the clinch now, big left knee to the mid-section, but Roxanne presses Antonina against the cage, keeping her hands wrapped around Antonina’s waist.

Wow, what a right knee to the head by Antonina!!! She was on the fence, what a technique!

Antonina creates space, and Roxanne ate a big knee to the body.

Roxanne takes her opponent down again.

Did Antonina lose this match? I think 10-9 Modafferi, but let’s wait for judges’ scorecards.

Check out the highlights below:

Final Result: Roxanne Modafferi defeats Antonina Shevchenko via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


Antonina Shevchenko drops to 7-1 MMA, 1-1 UFC, Roxanne Modafferi improves the score to 23-15 MMA, 3-2 UFC.

Published on April 20, 2019 at 11:20 am
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