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Bellator 222 Results: Rory MacDonald Outlasts Neiman Gracie, Advances To The Finals! (Highlights)

Bellator 222 Results: Rory MacDonald Outlasts Neiman Gracie, Advances To The Finals! (Highlights)

Rory MacDonald Went All Five Rounds And Emerged Victorious Against Neiman Gracie!

Welcome to the main event of Bellator 222. It takes place live tonight (Friday, June 14, 2019) from inside Madison Square Garden in New York, New York.

The reigning defending Welterweight 170-pound champ Rory MacDonald meets an undefeated BJJ black belt and submission emperor Neiman Gracie in Bellator Welterweight Grand Prix semi-final.

The referee is Dan Miragliotta. MacDonald Vs Gracie kicks off!


Round 1

Rory lands a left jab. Gracie goes for a low kick, Rory checks well. Gracie clinches up, he wants to take the fight to the ground, MacDonald defends well. MacDonald slips on a kick, but he is quickly back on his feet, good move by Rory.

Gracie jabs to the body, 90 seconds left until the end of the first frame. MacDonald moves like a cat, Neiman constantly presses him and goes forward. Neiman attacks with a push kick, MacDonald grabbed his leg. Gracie extracts his foot, and now both fighters are in the stand up. The bell ends the round. 10-9 Rory.

Round 2

Outside low kick, this had to hurt… oh, Rory!

Neiman Gracie scores an early takedown. Rory is a BJJ black belt, but this is dangerous, Neiman is a submission expert.

Gracie looks for a heel hook, but MacDonald rolls, and Gracie cannot extend his leg, superb defense by Rory! They are back on their feet, and the fight continues in the stand-up, against the fence, Rory ends up in the top position.

MacDonald in Gracie’s guard, he throws short punches, looks for the opening, trying to move Gracie’s legs, but Neiman defends well. MacDonald elevates out of Gracie’s defensive guard, but he dives back with a standing-to-ground punch!!! The bell ends the round, 10-9 Rory.

Round 3

Both fighters in an orthodox stance. It seems the two are in a tactical war at the first minute of this round. Great right hand by MacDonald, who catches another kick.

Gracie shoots in for a takedown, but Rory sprawls, reverses him, and ends on top.

Rory is in the side control, but Gracie transitions. MacDonald dives back with an outstanding stand-to-ground punch. Neiman defends with a rubber guard and switches to mission control. Gracie moves to the top position, he is looking for the armbar. Despite his grip is tight, Gracie won’t finish Rory in this frame, as MacDonald defends well.

Now Rory is on the top, what a bout! The round ends, unsure, maybe 10-9 Rory.

Round 4

Championship rounds start. Fighters trade shots early on. They clinched up, Gracie is looking for a takedown. MacDonald is on top, but Gracie is trying to scramble, now he is on Rory’s back, great ground game!

MacDonald defends, he is in Neiman’s full guard. Awesome grappling exchange, Rory is a BJJ black belt for a good reason, he parries Neiman Gracie well!

MacDonald still in the full guard, Gracie aggressively defends, but Rory stops every single attempt and reads his intentions. Neiman wants to shift hips to the other side, but MacDonald blocks the transition attempt. Rory stands up 10 seconds before the end of the round. 10-9 Rory.

Round 5

Fighters trade shots, Gracie goes for a takedown. MacDonald defends well, but he is pressed against the cage, and Neiman is able to take him down. Gracie is on top, but Rory is on the bottom, he is calm, there is no panic.

Gracie denies transition attempt, but Rory passes to the half-guard. MacDonald slows down. He transitions from side control to butterfly hooks and regains full guard. Hail Mary leglock attempt Neiman, defended by Rory. The round ends, 10-9 Neiman. Let’s see the scorecards!

Final Result: Rory MacDonald defeats Neiman Gracie via Unanimous Decision (49-46, 48-47, 48-47)

Watch the highlights below:

Neiman Gracie drops to 9-1 MMA, 7-1 BMMA, Rory MacDonald 21-5-1 MMA, 3-1-1 BMMA.

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