Video: Robert Whittaker Hits Derek Brunson 20 Times in Frantic First Round TKO Win

With two guys on the streaks that they are on, you don’t have to be an MMA Nostradamus to predict that the hell was going to go down: They gon’ bang, bro. What you may have no foreseen is Derek Brunson running toward Robert Whittaker like he was trying to catch butterflies in a meadow only they were hard ass motherfucking punches to his dome piece.

If you can remember back, it looks a lot like Stipe Miocic’s win over Fabricio Werdum. Brunson straight up wanted to come out with his fifth knockout in a row and blast his way to a title shot but unfortunately it didn’t happen.

It was a blistering and violent couple of minutes, but eventually Whittaker caught Brunson sprinting in and put him on newborn goat legs. It was all Whittaker from there as he unleashed a devastating combo to take out Brunson and move on deeper into the elite and chaotic Middleweight division.

Check out the last ~20 hit combo that ended it all.

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