Video: NJ restaurant owner cuts amazing promo on evil Ali Abdelaziz & Frankie Edgar

Ali Abdelaziz kinda sucks

This is real and it’s spectacular. Only in MMA could a New Jersey restaurant owner cut a fire promo on random MMA manager Ali Abdelaziz. We talked about what the sport of MMA needs more of and we were wrong. So very wrong.

MMA needs more beefs based around mangers who represent high profile UFC clients texting threatening messages at Italian restaurant owners. What is this life? What is this sport?

In one corner we have the owner of New Jersey eatery Rivolis Grill & Chill, which is located in Howell, NJ- Ramtown Section, being bullied by Abdelaziz? How the hell does one pivot from negotiating million dollar deals with Dana White and the UFC to texting creepy messages to the owner of place with “Grill and Chill” in the name of their business?

Abdelaziz points to Yoel Romero, Frankie Edgar, Khabib Nurmagomedov, among so many others as clients in the UFC. WTF?

First a video from Saturday night that sets the stage for one of the best restaurant owner vs. MMA manager feuds our great sport has ever seen.

Then we have the follow-up, where the soul of The Ultimate Warrior runs wild through the veins of our hero.


Need more NJ restaurant owner on MMA manager diss tracks in MMA today. Now is the time.

And the full story

Should really watch it all again and see if our Rivolis Grill & Chill guy crushes some beer cans over his head at the end of the promo this time. Kind of bummed he didn’t end his selfie video manically yelling “woooooo” into the camera.

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