Replay: Tall men Stefan Struve and Alexander Volkov fight for the right to be tall, shorter man earns TKO

Stefan Struve and Alexander Volkov Tall Men

The first UFC event after the Conor McGregor Magical Myster Tour had to be a weird ass day time Fight Pass Euro show. Tall men Stefan Struve and Alexander Volkov were the logical choices to headline the UFC Rotterdam event you may or may not have been aware of.

The entire marketing strategy behind hyping this heavyweight fight was “wow, these guys are tall human beings”.

First, they were tall

Then they entered the cage and damn these guys are still pretty tall

Wow a very tall jumping knee

Ground n’ pound is just better when you’re tall

Tall man cut alert to start round two

Tall punches!!!

Tall people means long fingers for poking

Tall Struve just eating tall bombs heading into round 3

Then Volkov swarms a taller Struve for a third round TKO finish. Absolutely tall

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