Remember that Tank Abbott fight that was supposed to go down at a strip club? Well we have video of it…

Last month we told you about a borderline legendary rematch of early UFC stars, Tank Abbott vs. Scott Ferrozzo, which was slated to be a no time limit match that would only end if one person dies in the cage. It was slated to be a PPV event and the location was in Dayton, Ohio at the Dixie Cowgirls Night Club — essentially an old-school strip club. Alright, in order not to get your hopes up too high, replace the word ‘strip club’ with ‘someone’s backyard’ and swap ‘PPV event’ for ‘filmed on someone’s camera and placed on YouTube.’ It’s not what you expected from a fight sold to the MMA world as a ‘No Holds Barred’ death match — but it will have to do. Check out this video of Abbott vs. Ferrozzo, props to MentaL for the find.

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