Rampage looks unbelievably good as a toy action figure

I had a pretty vivid imagination on the last summer before I had to get my first job. It was hard to turn corporate all of a sudden. I used to facilitate mini-action scenes where Hacksaw Jim Duggan and He-Man had to save the video store from Master Splinter and Dr. Mindbender’s evil plot to disassemble the tape-rewinder. When my boss caught me playing with action figures instead of restocking the shelves with movies, he fired me and I ended up using my last paycheck to buy some Beanie Babies, Airheads, and Fun Dip. Over a decade later, nothing has changed except the strategically-rich scenarios have gotten a bit more complex. In fact, now that the new A-Team Action figures have dropped, it opens my mind to a whole new level of possibilities and overall procrastination. Check out Rampage’s plastic rendering, complete with fro-hawk and zip-up tactical sweater-vest. [Source]


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