Rampage Jackson admits slapping Rashad Evans in a nightclub, but says it was all Rashad’s fault

Let me be the first to say that I would be satisfied if every card from now until UFC 140 was headlined by Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans. Just create an endless amount of interim belts and hand them out after every main event. As long as we get a UFC Primetime before every card, it’s safe to say that everyone in MMAville would be entertained. While they’re at it, every TUF should include both fighters and Rampage would be required to denote a nickname for every participant on the show. In some parallel universe this has already occurred, and damn you scientific community for not inventing a way to get me there.

A recording device should forever be implanted in Rampage Jackson so that when he speaks, the world will not miss a morsel of his verbal barbs. Jackson made an appearance on the MMA Fight Corner and admitted to slapping Rashad Evans in a nightclub, but says Evans should have never stepped up to him in the first place.

“I didn’t walk up to Rashad at all. I don’t never walk up to Rashad. I was in the club, enjoying my own self and he walked up to me. So I slapped him. I don’t walk up to Rashad.

“He always get in my face every time he see me. I don’t go looking for Rashad.”

“He wouldn’t rub me the wrong way if he wasn’t the one walk up to me in a night club, where I have to smack him. In a night club, most likely, I’d been drinking and that’s the worst time to get on my nerves.”

“If I’m in a night club and I’m kickin’ it with some girls and I’m on the dance floor, I’m just being a human being, don’t come bother me. Don’t come try and take a picture, don’t come ask me, don’t come challenge me and don’t say no B.S. to me. Like Rashad came up to me and told me ‘I fought [Lyoto] Machida the same way he fought me.’ He come tell me stuff like that cuz he sour because I beat Machida and he got knocked the hell out by Machida. And he basically didn’t do anything against Machida, so he trying to get sour about that.”

“He knows the only reason he beat me is because I was rusty and I was injured. If you go back and watch that fight he was punching me in my knee, my knee that was hurt. I never seen anybody punch anyone in the knee in MMA in all the years I been doing MMA. But somehow he knew my knee was injured.”

Rampage Jackson could wage a one-man war against vampires. I’ve always had that idea, but had no method of conveying it. Let’s just hope the undead doesn’t step to Rampage Jackson at a nightclub when he’s ‘kicking it with some girls on the dance floor.’ [Source]

Published on May 9, 2011 at 1:49 pm
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