Professor X should have used his mutant ability

You would think anyone named Professor X would walk out to the cage in a floating wheel chair and be followed by students of the mutant academy. Xavier Foupa-Pokam, known to the MMA fans and the the entire X-men as ‘Professor X’ couldnt get it done last night against Drew McFedries. Yeah he should have used his telepathy against McFedries but its against MMA rules so he had to settle for non mutant-like stuff like…fists. I think he just got a little out of control since he was landing some nice bombs on McFedries and got a little anxious.

It’s cool though, if youre named after a comic book character then you’ve grabbed me as a fan. If he’s still fighting in the UFC I would like to see this guy go against Jon Jones since they’re like cloned from the same genetic mold.

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